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Welcome and thanks for visiting me. I’m Alisha and I enjoy developing new recipes and cooking for my family. As a little girl I started learning how to cook from my mom. I remember standing on my tiptoes to watch the pots boil with potatoes, the frying pan sizzling with eggs.  My mom and I would spend all day Saturday making delicious family meals, to put food in the freezer and enjoy. These were simple meals with great flavors that the whole family could enjoy.

Growing up in a house full of interesting and healthy foods, I naturally became a foodie, and a home cook. As a wife, mom, and a little bit of a gardener, I started to enjoy challenging myself by taking random ingredients and turning them into something tasty and mostly healthy that my family would enjoy.  I’d love to eat pasta and bread every day, but my waistline would not approve!

During the winter of 2014 I began working at an olive and vinegar tasting store and immediately fell in love with the products. Finally I decided that I wanted to do things my way and after much research, learning, and decision making we opened our own business. 

While working in the store and at fairs and farmer’s markets many people have asked me for recipes using the products…. So here they are. I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do.

As a home cook, I’m proud to say some of my recipe-experimentation has created family loved masterpieces. Some of the others could be called disasters, but I keep practicing.  Living such a busy life has challenged me to look for great flavors that are still healthy. If it doesn’t taste good, then why bother eating it?  I’ve found a great solution by using deliciously Balsamic Vinegars and tasty flavored Olive Oils. Both are amazing ingredients that add great and mostly healthy flavors.  It turns out both balsamic vinegar and olive oils can be a health addition to just about any recipe.

I want my food to be very tasty, pretty easy to make, and mostly healthy.  You won’t find anything that’s overly-fancy, couture, or boring here!  I’ve been called an “inspirational” home chef, because most of the time, I just add the ingredients without measuring and simply “season to taste”.   Please excuse my not so exact measurements and enjoy my tasty flavors.

My husband, Bear – who is also built like a bear, is my photographer, my love, and my photo teacher.  This whole enterprise would never have started without the encouragement he gives me.  He enjoys taking pictures of what we were eating; especially the things with balsamic or oil or both.  He also helps me with all the photos and marketing stuff, he’s really good at it.  This way I can focus on the food, yum. More recently he has even gotten involved with the recipes and cooking.  Look for a few from him on the recipe page.


We hope you enjoy and let us help you have more fun with your food.

Contact Us with any questions or concerns at playfulpantry@gmail.com