Balsamic Vinegar is actually made from grapes; which I didn’t know when I first started using it. The white balsamic is made from white or green grapes and dark or aged balsamic is made from red or purple grapes. The reason some balsamic is thicker than others is the amount of time the balsamic has been aged. Usually, the longer it is aged the thicker the balsamic becomes.

When flavors are added the balsamic can become sweeter or more savory. I suggest tasting different brands or vendors as not all vinegars, even with the same name, taste the same. You never know which one you will like the best.

Our most popular dark balsamic is Fig Balsamic Vinegar with moderately sweet taste. This is our most versatile flavor and can be used for salad, roast vegetables, sweet potatoes, fruit, or even ice cream.

Peach White Balsamic Vinegar is a favorite among our vegetarian guests. The sweet taste complements some vegetables that are little bitter like asparagus, brussels sprouts, or spinach salad.

When I needed to take away some salt and fat from my cooking I found balsamic vinegar. I quickly learned how to use balsamic for flavor instead of other less healthy options. Since then I have created countless ways to use balsamic in dressings, marinades, and to top all sorts of food.