Potatoes on the Grill

August 11, 2017

Potatoes on the Grill

This can be done with a variety of Olive Oils and Sea Salts, Choose your favorite, this is ours.

2 Whole Potatoes, cut in half lengthwise

Garlic Olive Oil

Smoked Bacon Chipotle Sea Salt or Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

2 Sections of Tin Foil

If you are short on time you can precook these a little in the microwave. Either way follow the rest of the directions in the same way. Make an envelope or pocket with the tin foil.  Place the potato cut side up on the foil.  Drizzle then brush the Garlic Olive Oil over the potato.  To have a better taste cut slits into the potato so the oil sinks in.  Sprinkle the Smoked Bacon Sea Salt over the top, use whole or in a grinder.  Close the envelope and place on the grill.  Cook until soft to the touch.  Open and enjoy.  Remember you can use any flavor combination that you like.